How accessible is a listing?

Good question! This is why Handiscover exists, because we also asked it.

We have three levels of accessibility that we categorize every listing with. The different levels can be spotted with these icons on the ad:

  • LEVEL 1: You can walk and can handle going up a few stairs. A maximum of 15 steps(1 floor) to reach it or to manoeuvre within it.

  • LEVEL 2: You can only handle one step at a time. This accommodation is accessible but not up to the latest accessibility standards. It can suit for ex wheelchair users able to climb a stair/threshold of up to 15 cm(6 in) at a time. There are more detailed accessibility descriptions in the ad, so you can be completely sure what you're getting.

  • Level 3: Fully accessible. The accommodation has accessible bathrooms, toilets and wide door widths for wheelchairs. You will not face more than eventual small thresholds of a maximum of 3 cm(1 in). More can be read in the detailed description of the ad.


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