How do I add a payout account?

When you receive a payment for a reservation, we call that payment to you a “payout”. Our secure payment system supports several payout methods. To setup a payout-account, do the following:

  • On your profile, go to your dashboard and select the menutab "Account Settings".

  • In the menu to the right, choose Payout preferences.



  • Select "Add Payout"


  • A box will appear and here you can enter your bank info:
    • Country: The country where your card is issued.
    • Currency: The currency you want* to be paid in.
    • Bank: The name of your bank.
    • IBAN: Every bank account also has an International Bank Account Number(IBAN), which differs from the local. If your have trouble finding this, contact your bank and they will know. 

*Your available payout options and currencies differ by country.

  • Select "Save" and your done!



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