How can I Accept or Decline a booking for a guest ?

This is only required, when you are using the Booking Enquiry option. In order to Accept or Decline a booking, please login to your account with Handiscover. Then select Dashboard, Inbox and then select the New Booking. When you go into the message you will see a Pending Enquiry, select this option and you will find the Accept and Decline buttons, at the bottom of the booking request.

When you recieve a booking request, we will send a message to your inbox. To find the booking request do the following:

  1. Please Log In to your Account with Handiscover and go to your Dashboard.
  2. Select Inbox, you will be able to locate the relevant booking request.
  3. You can now Accept or Decline the booking request in this section.


Please note that you can also communicate with your Guests via the Inbox section as well.


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